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In English we unite the important skills of reading and writing. We also actively promote high quality speaking and listening and all children are encouraged to become good speakers and listeners. 

Through a variety of strategies in children are given opportunities to develop self-confidence and fluency when speaking to a variety of audiences. They are taught to listen to the opinions and experiences of others. 

When children first start school they are introduced to skills that will prepare them for reading and build on their existing skills, both listening and visual. Books from a number of reading schemes are used, and children are encouraged to take books home regularly. 

Teaching a child to read is a partnership shared between home and school. A great emphasis is placed upon reading and the enjoyment children gain from books. Through shared and guided reading children are given a rich experience of a wide range of challenging texts. We aim for each child to be an independent, enthusiastic and reflective reader. 

Writing is a skill required in all areas of the curriculum. Presentation is very important, and each child is encouraged to develop a legible and neat style of handwriting as they mature. 

English programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2