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School Development Plan

School Self-Evaluation and Development

As a learning community, we are continually planning, monitoring and reviewing what we do, always striving to improve. The priorities identified in our School Development Plan emerge from an on-going process of self-evaluation that involves all stakeholders and which is informed by Ofsted inspections, as well as YCAT reviews and any other monitoring visits we receive. Further information and evidence of this process, including termly reports on progress towards our priorities, can be found in our SDP Monitoring file.

School Development Plan Priorities for 2023-24

Priority 1: To further improve teaching, learning and progress in English (Reading, Writing) across the school

Priority 2: To continue to review and strengthen the school curriculum across all foundation subjects and Science, achieving consistency in planning, teaching, assessment, monitoring and embedding distributed leadership: ‘Everyone leads Hawes curriculum’

Priority 3: To embed our new/strengthened leadership structures and manage change while maintaining good impacts for school/pupils and the wider community (including SEND, Safeguarding, communication, raising the school profile and further strengthening governance)

Priority 4: To further improve pupils’ wellbeing and personal development, including behaviours for learning, consistently across school